Partner Regions

The European Jazz School is rooted in the partnerships of the state of Hesse with the regions Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bursa, Emilia Romagna and Wielkopolska. These partner regions also support their music education institutions such as the Conservatory in Bordeaux, the Music School in Santa Sofia or the Poznan Music Academy by implementing their own workshops in their countries. This involved an interest in the support of such projects, which directly concern the people involved, thus making the European idea tangible.

Our partner regions include

region „nouvelle Aquitaine“ in France

with the conservatory “Jaques Thibaud”


region "Bursa", in Turkey

and the Uludag University, faculty musikeducation


region "Emilia Romagna" in Italy

with the Scuola di musica C. Roveroni, Santa Sofia


region "Hesse" in Germany

with the Hoch‘schen Konservatorium und Musikakademie Frankfurt


region "Wielkopolska" in Poland

with the Ian Paderewski Musicakademy

Emilia Romagna

                                                 Since 2007 the project European Jazz School is sponsored by

the Hessian State Chancellery,  

by the  Hessian Ministry of Science and Arts

  and by the respective Hessentag cities:


2007 Butzbach

2008 Homberg/Efze

2009 Langenselbold

2010 Stadtallendorf

2011 Oberursel

2012 Wetzlar

2013 Kassel

2014 Bensheim

2015 Hofgeismar

2016 Herborn

2017 Rüsselsheim

2018 Korbach

                                                                               2019 Bad Hersfeld

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