European Jazz School live at KFZ Marburg to 50 years "Deutsche Jazzunion"

European Jazz School Rome

European Jazz School 2022

Concert on the third of October at Villa Almone, Rome

International mixed band with musicians from different partner regions.

This band was put together especially for the event celebrating the Day of German Unity and the thirty years of partnership between Emilia Romagna and Hesse.

Erika Corradi, vocals, Emilia Romagna.

Leonardo Drei, saxophone, Emilia Romagna

Dominik Karkoszka, percussion, Wielkopolska

Giovanni Pederzini, bass, Emilia Romagna

Ceren Toksöz, vocals, Bursa

Onno Winter, guitar, Hesse

Musical direction: Achille Succi

A project generously sponsored by the European Department of the Hessian State Chancellery and in collaboration with the German Embassy in Rome.

European Jazz School Santa Sofia 2021

With a wonderful workshop in Santa Sofia, the participants were able to meet each other in real life for the first time since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic and it was great. This small town of Santa Sofia with about 4000 inhabitants, with an active music school and committed people, managed to invite about 25 musicians from the partner regions of Bursa, Emiglia Romagna, Hesse and Wielkopolska to Santa Sofia and to implement this beautiful workshop in Italy with great success. For many students were able to get to grips with music here in a very unusual way and also with the different musical worlds. Each of the five bands was musically accompanied by a lecturer. The fact that the parents of the director of the music school cooked great Italian food for all of us every day made the atmosphere all the nicer. The hospitality behind it was exceptionally refreshing and beneficial, especially after the Covid years.

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European Jazz School Online 2021

Due to the Covid situation, the European Jazz School could not take place in 2020 and also in 2021, as both Hessentage events in Bad Vilbel and in Fulda had to be cancelled.

All the more pleasing was the promise of the Hessian State Chancellery to support the Jazz School within the framework of an online project. Communication and lessons were conducted exclusively online. Even the music could not be played together, but everyone had to record their part alone. A situation that usually only occurs in recording studios. In this case, however, over thousands of kilometers away.

It was a blessing to be able to meet again at least in this way!

The results can be seen and heard in the following videos.

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European Jazz School 2019 Hessentag Bad Hersfeld

European Jazz School 2018 at the Jan Paderewski Musicacademy Poznan

Jamsession at Jazzclub Cavete in Marburg and final concert in Korbach 2018

European Jazz School different places and bands