Our project

The goal of the European Jazz School is to bring together talented young musicians from European partner regions and from Hesse through workshops, to rehearse together as an ensemble, and subsequently to present their collaboration musically at the end of a workshop. Participants learn to communicate with the ensemble and to succeed on international stages. In addition, they get to know our partner regions, thus obtaining a better understanding of the organization and structure of musical education in other countries.

During workshops, it is important that all bands are internationally diverse, thus presenting a joint European product on stage - consisting of the diverse influences that come together in each band through the individual musicians themselves. Public funds used to train the young talented musicians will be returned to the public by way of the concerts. Of course, each musician takes away an infinite amount of learning experience with regard to the development of skills in his or her particular instrument as well as in terms of ensemble practice, precisely because so many talented young musicians come together.

Future Projects European Jazz School Live

On to the Hessentag in Fritzlar

Fritzlar invites the European Jazz School to the Hessentag on the Weindorf stage on 25 May.

Here, four internationally mixed bands made up of students from the partner regions will perform their skills from 14:30 - 16:30. Afterwards, the lecturers will perform and then there will be a jam session with many musicians together. Young energy meets professional routine and skill, unique music, especially for the Hessentag in Pfungstadt, which shows itself to be international and cosmopolitan with such a project, among other things.

If you fancy some jazz: Wine Village Stage in Fritzlar on 25 May until 18:45.


Achille Succi, Sax

Anke Helfrich, Piano

Dominique Di Piazza, Bass

Elif Caglar, Voice

Krzysztof Przybylowicz, Drums

"Hessen networked" association founded.

The Hessen network assoziation was founded in 2020 in order to give and bundle some activities in the area of cooperation with the partner regions of Hesse and, furthermore, the acceleration and promotion of international activities in the cultural sector. The tasks of this association show an interface between culture, science and international thought. The starting point was the diverse activities of the partner regions of Hesse in connection with the European Jazz School, which started with a concert at the Hessentag in Butzbach in 2007 and was expanded with a workshop for international students from 2008. For more than 10 years, one workshop was usually held annually in Germany in cooperation with the Hessentag and another in one of the partner regions of Hesse. The partner regions are

Bursa, Turkey,

nouvelle Aquitaine, France,

Emiglia Romagna Italy and

Wielkopolska in Poland.